Our state-of-the-art 5,000 sq foot facility is equipped with brand new, high quality fitness equipment to aid you in reaching your maximum potential in a safe and effective manner. The facility also has brand new bathrooms with built in showers and a comfortable and inviting lounge area to relax after a brutal workout.

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An 18-year combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Ahmad earned the title Gunnery Sergeant (Gunny) through years of dedication and service in one of the toughest branches of the United States Military. Ahmad quickly worked his way up the ladder and was promoted to Drill Instructor at the young age of 24. He completed 9 cycles as a Drill Instructor, Senior Drill Instructor, and Chief Drill Instructor. Ahmad’s stellar leadership, effectiveness, and professionalism made him shine and he was ultimately named Drill Instructor of the Year, a highly decorated award. He continued to prove to be a top-notch Marine, winning multiple medals and awards in his career.

Ahmad currently serves as a Marine Officer Instructor at the University of Michigan where he trains students preparing for the Navy and Marine Corps upon graduation. He has also worked closely with the Athletics Department in training the University of Michigan’s football and basketball teams.

Ahmad’s passion for helping others extends outside his work in the military as well. In the Summer of 2020, he knew he wanted to help others feel good and stay healthy during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Ahmad began holding outdoor classes and training in his outdoor personal gym for people in the community wanting to stay healthy. It proved to be a huge success, so Ahmad decided to extend his services by opening a gym to help his clients achieve their fitness goals with his guidance.

Fahtme is a Physician Assistant who earned her Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Eastern Michigan University. She has experience in hospital medicine, cardiology, and most recently has been practicing Endocrinology which encompasses weight loss and metabolism. Her experience working in Endocrinology will help determine if medical intervention is necessary to help you reach your fitness goals. She will also be administering and monitoring IV therapy to help you feel the best and improve your overall performance.

Sara Choucair is a nutritionist and health coach based in Detroit, Michigan. She is on track to earn her Bachelors degree in Nutrition Services in Spring 2021. Sara established Healthy Eats Nutrition 2 years ago to help men and women reach their overall nutrition and wellness goals and to date has helped hundreds of individuals through one-on-one counseling. As a Nutritionist, she provides comprehensive services that will guide you to feel the confidence and support you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Together, you will let go of the crash diets, unhealthy trends, and the food rules that aren’t bringing you closer to your goals. She will work one-on-one with clients who are trying to eat better, increase energy levels, balance hormones, and manage stress.


Gunny is short for Gunnery Sergeant, a high rank in the United States Marine Corps.


HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. HIIT includes repeated, strenuous bouts of work interspersed with periods of recovery. During HIIT workouts, you will challenge yourself nearly to your max. HIIT relies on your anaerobic pathways (breaking down glucose without oxygen) to produce the energy it needs to fuel you and provides an immediate supply of energy.

We provide group classes daily to best accommodate our clients. We have HIIT classes, along with yoga classes to change up the routine. We also provide group classes for youth between the ages of 5-14 years old, along with weekly kickboxing classes in collaboration with Weavers Boxing Gym.

We provide packages of 12, 16, 20 and 40 sessions of private one-on-one training and semi-private (up to groups of 3). The bigger the package that is purchased, the bigger the discount. Packages for group classes include a package of 10 classes, or an unlimited package which includes unlimited access to the gym at all hours of operation.

Our nutritionist offers one-on-one counseling to help you reach your overall nutrition and wellness goals. The counseling sessions are tailored to your needs and customized to your liking.

We offer an array of IVs from weight loss and athletic enhancing IVs, to immune boost and migraine relief.

After choosing an IV and scheduling an appointment through our online portal, you will meet with our provider and discuss your goals and they will answer any questions you may have. You will then be injected and be able to relax in our lounge equipped with brand new furniture and 55inch TV. Our IVs typically take 45-60 minutes to be complete.

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